Me and my sister-- a couple of very inspired girls born from a couple of phenomenally creative parents.  We love music and lyrics and dogs and angels and poetry and drumming and design and most of all laughter-- it's our favorite.  

​​​Me and my parents-- my art teachers.  In their earthly lives, they spread their creativity like blazes through every part of our lives.  Wherever they were, they were making art...  turning concrete into fountains, painting on canvas, walls, and furniture, remodeling homes, building custom furniture, designing gardens and landscaping, and fashioning every element of interior decor.  They continue to be the most potent source of love and inspiration in my life.

The more you love,

the more love you have

and there is no end.



About The Artist

Me and one of my truest loves.

May I be the person

my dog thinks I am.